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The SEAD: End Youth Houselessness Initiative

The 2023-2024 District Project is The SEAD: End Youth Houselessness Initiative. SEAD stands for Support, Empower, Act, and Destigmatize. Chosen by this year’s District Governor, Nola Stenstrom, and approved by the District Board, the SEAD Initiative aims to guide Key Clubbers in serving their community by addressing the widespread pattern of Youth Houselessness within the PNW. Our goal for this District Project is to provide Key Clubbers and Kiwanians with resources, knowledge, and inspiration to make a direct impact locally. The District Project is not limited to specific organizations, so all Key Clubbers can find unique and impactful ways to serve. Some good ways to begin volunteering are hosting a food or collection drive, holding a fundraiser, and volunteering at shelters or food banks. As a District, we hope to raise $15K for local nonprofits addressing youth houselessness and serve 10K hours.

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